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Eye Relax

Eye Relax ™.

Rest and relax after a long day of visual tension and treat your eyes to a well-deserved relaxation.
ON THE WATCH – How It Works
Many people today suffer from overworked eyes as digital screens occupy our everyday lives – from work to play, for both communication and byte-sized distraction. Choose instead to divert your eyes to a device that helps your eyesight and relieve visual strain.
The Eye Relax is an effective gadget designed to deliver the best non-invasive and non-medicinal way to improve retinal activity, thereby improving your visual-neuro system. A series of coloured biological images of different light spectrums move forward and backwards in a computerised programme, which will give your ciliary muscles and lens a thorough relaxation programme , thus regaining their flexibility and could potentially improve various stages of pseudo myopia (near-sightedness induced by tense cilliary muscles). 

KEEP WATCHING – Why You Should Try The Eye Relax ™

Research studies reveal that the visual receptive field reaction is strongest when exposed to significant spectrum contrast; darkness and brightness contrast; and stereo image contrast. The Eye Relax ™ could possibly reverse visual deprivation-induced myopia with subsequent exposure to these calculably programmed contrast and spatial frequencies.

Evaluation on the effect of using the Eye Relax™ twice a day for 90 days suggests improvement or unchanged myopia in myopic children. However, there is no scientific proof that the Eye Relax ™ can retard myopia increase. Your results may vary but it is ideal to use it diligently every day for any satisfactory effect.

WATCH-CHA TALKING ABOUT – Recognition and User Testimonies
The cool-looking device has snapped up international awards and rave reviews.


Gold Medal Award 

International Invention & Innovation Exposition by Hong Kong Productivity Council

Creative Medal Award

International Invention & Innovation Exposition by Hong Kong Productivity Council
Best Innovative Eye Care Device
Watson’s Health & Beauty (2008)
Winner – Health Equipment Category
Guardian Health & Beauty (2006)


After using the Eye Relax for 6 months, 10-year-old Regine’s eyesight has improved tremendously, her mother reports. Regine’s short-sightedness has dropped 100 degrees from L-1.25/R-1.75 dioptres to L-0.25/R-0.50 dioptres. Her optician was very surprised with Regine’s improvement.
On the other hand, 30-plus-year-old Sock Mun’s eyesight wasn’t fully corrected after her lasik operation. She started to use the Eye Relax after consulting her doctor who recommended her to use it to improve her eyesight. She now experiences perfect vision; her eyes feel less tired and more relaxed and refreshed.   
Doctor Susan Lim (40) was equally very happy to learn from her optometrist that her near-sightedness has improved by L-1.00 dioptres and R-0.50 dioptres after using Eye Relax. She is now able to read comfortably without her glasses.

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